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Dentist Auntie is a humble and genuine effort to reduce the suffering of our young ones by spreading useful, valuable and practical information in a way that we hope catches your attention.

Our team is motivated to spread the word about prevention of dental caries because we’ve seen a lot of children suffer early in life due to dental cavities. And this number is only on the rise in India and around the world.

Dr Apeksha Anand

MDS, Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

I am your child’s Dentist Auntie. Your friendly neighbourhood pediatric dentist and the editor here at dentistauntie.com.

When I was doing my MDS in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, one of my professors sat my batchmates and me down one day and asked us what part of our work did we love doing? Immediately, I knew that preventing dental disease was what I enjoyed most.

Most parents are not aware that dental cavities can be prevented. A lot of studies around the world have shown that preventing cavities in young children is matter of recurrent education and counselling of parents.

With Dentist Auntie as a platform and the experience I have gathered in the last 12 years of treating children and collaborating with parents to achieve good oral hygiene, I wish to realise my goal of preventing dental cavities in children rather than only treating them.