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Chronic Cold And Cavities

One patients mother asked recently: “Do you think my child has cavities because of the constant cold he has?”

And the answer is a definitive Yes!

If you are essentially healthy right now, allow your saliva to pool in your mouth. It will be watery and thin and flows well.

But, when a person has a cold, flu or any other respiratory infection, extra mucus is produced, causing the saliva to become thick.

What does this have to do with cavities, you ask?

The respiratory system includes the nose, mouth, pharynx and lungs. And if a child has chronic cold problems, it affects the mouth too.

When our saliva flows well, the food that we eat gets washed away quite effectively. But when our saliva becomes thick and viscous it cannot perform this function with the same efficiency.

So now there is more food stuck in the mouth for longer periods of time. And the longer the food is in contact with the teeth, the faster cavities are formed.

So, if your child has a chronic cold problem, cavities are a definite probability.

Secondly, these children have more cavities because they are constantly on some medication or another. Allopathic syrups all have sugar to make them more palatable. Homeopathy medicines too are sprinkled on lactose (sugar) pills

More exposure to sugars in the form of medicines definitely increases the incidence of tooth decay.

Lastly, these children often breathe from the mouth because their nose is blocked. Mouth breathing causes drying of the mouth. This ends up causing more cavities.

Dentist Auntie recommends that parents of children with chronic colds should:

  1.  Make sure brushing is thorough
  2. Change their toothbrush after every bout of of cold or keep a UV light toothbrush sanitizer at home
  3. Rinse after intake of syrups
  4. Make children rinse their mouth after meals
  5. Make children drink more water
  6. Schedule regular 6 monthly dental visits to catch cavities early and avoid difficult procedures
  7. Schedule regular professional prevention of tooth decay – like fluoride prevention

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About the Author:

Dr Apeksha Anand completed her BDS in 2007 and went ahead to complete her Masters in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry. She has 6 consultation practices in Powai, Ghatkopar and Juhu. Her love for children has pushed her to diversify from pure clinical practice into educating parents about preventing dental diseases through Dentist Auntie.

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