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How To Clean Your Child’s Toothbrush?

It’s a known fact – Your child’s toothbrush (and yours) should be changed every 3 months, or after your child has been sick.

After cleaning the teeth and tongue (the mouth arguably being one of the germiest* places in the human body), is rinsing the toothbrush with water enough?

The answer is a resounding NO!!

Therefore, cleaning your child’s toothbrush once a week is very important.

We have noticed that a few ways have been mentioned on the internet about how to clean the toothbrushes. Let’s review them.

*Germiest – a new word (since language is a living thing) meaning ‘full of germs’

…. so that the bristles touch each other and germs may transfer between family members (especially during flu season)? Not a good idea

Also, children need to be taught which toothbrush is theirs – colour coding and writing names helps.

  • Dentist Auntie does not recommend

… because when you flush, tiny droplets of water fly out and settle on the toothbrush stored in the bathroom. Also, the toothbrush should be covered with a regularly cleaned cap

  • Dentist Auntie recommends

Children’s toothbrushes are softer and some children chew on the toothbrushes

(especially when they are teething)

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Why not? Its easy and cost effective. However, it’s not a 100% effective as it won’t work in the rains or in winter in northern and deep southern parts of the world

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Soak the brush in surgical spirit for 10 minutes once a week, then wash it thoroughly in water. The bacteria reduce significantly*.

It is cheap, easily available and efficient.

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*Keep it out of reach of children, lest they think there’s water in the glass

It actually doesn’t work. Some people tested it. But people who believe in the power of vinegar swear it works if you leave the brush in the vinegar overnight

  • Dentist Auntie does not recommend

Common sense says, it should work.

However, it has only been tested by school children in projects for science fairs (in which the results were positive)

  • Dentist Auntie is not sure whether to recommend, but we promise that we will test it and let the readers know.

They’re more expensive than home remedies but one of the easiest ways of keeping the brush clean everyday. They are also ideal for children who chronically have a cold. You don’t have to throw the brush away every time your child gets a bout of cold. And you also know that you’re not reintroducing the bacteria back into your babies mouth. They are available online easily.

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Do not- boil the toothbrush or put it in the microwave.

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