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Many children don’t even require to be soothed, their teeth just pop in. However, if you and your child aren’t lucky enough to board the easy teething train, days and nights will seem to melt together during the ‘teething days’. If you and your partner are as tired as your child, you need to have some tricks up your sleeve to soothe a teething child. Sleepless nights and sudden fussiness about breast feeding or eating solids is most distressing to parents.

Here are some tips and tricks to get past the hard days.

Be Patient

As sleep deprived as you may be, if your child is throwing a fit, screaming on top of his/her lungs, may reject the food you offer or push your hand away – be patient. Teething isn’t going to last forever. Also, you know your baby. This behaviour is probably out of character for him or her. Your child is in obvious discomfort. Invest in good quality earplugs for the entire family, if you have a screamer. But be patient.

Set a Sleep Schedule

The sleep schedule is for regular days, not teething days. When teething troubles start, deviation from this schedule will mark the start of teething and discomfort for a few days. “Teething days” are a period of 8 days (3 days before teething, the day of teething, and 4 days after the tooth has erupted). All the baby’s caretakers (You, your partner, the nanny and the grandparents) can all be armed for the next few days! You will be rewarded with a pearly white soon.

Massage Gums

Lightly massaging your baby’s gum with a clean finger for one to two minutes can be soothing and help alleviate some of their discomfort. Your baby may even bite on your finger. If it doesn’t hurt your fingers, allow the little one to do just that, it’s just another version of a teether. In fact, when you touch a certain place in the baby’s mouth and the baby closes on your finger, it’s an indication to you as to where it irritates the baby right now. The pressure with which the baby bites on your finger, is the massaging pressure which your baby can tolerate at the moment while teething is in progress. Also, clean your baby’s gums even if there are no teeth in the mouth yet.

Cuddle Therapy

It’s the cutest and most fun therapy that anyone can ever suggest. Extra TLC goes a long way when your baby is having a hard time teething. Hugs and cuddles will help comfort and reassure your baby if he or she is distressed. Whether it’s housework or office work, it needs to wait, because your baby needs you now. A lot of people confuse cuddle therapy with the need of comfort by breast feeding. That’s why a lot of the onus of soothing the child comes on the mother. Soothing the child is a multiperson job. Yes, if your child hasn’t eaten well all day and is hungry and wants to breast feed, it’s acceptable and understandable. But, breast feeding cannot be the only comfort that your child learns.

Teething Rings or Toys

It’s considered to be the most effective of all according to all surveys. The baby knows where it hurts and the baby knows where it wants to gnaw on the teething toy.

Routine Development

Once the first bout of teething is over, continue with your child’s routine development. And cross your fingers that the next one is easier to deal with and that you’re becoming a pro at this!

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