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How to Break a Bad Habit?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Free time is the best time to break a bad habit. Take a leaf out of our book.

Vertical Transmission

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Children are not born with cavity germs. We transfer it to them. Learn more about ‘Vertical Transmission’

The Sticky Candy

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Reading Time: 5 minutes The most unwanted feature of sugar is its stickiness to the teeth. Find out which candies are least sticky!

How To Clean Your Child’s Toothbrush?

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Did you know that toothbrushes get very dirty and have to be cleaned regularly? How? How often?

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The Importance Of Calcium In Teeth

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Reading Time: 4 minutes How early should you start worrying about the calcium in your children’s teeth? When your child is teething, or earlier?

“Prevention is better than cure….

…. especially where your child’s teeth are concerned.”